Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Fun... Week Five!



Did you know that Latin quotes aren't just for those interested in science and law? Latin quotes can be found all over the place, even in sports! Have you ever heard this phrase before?

anima sana in corpore sano

Perhaps you don't recognize it in this form, but have you ever seen this brand of shoes?

The althetic brand ASICS actually stands for the phrase above. Anima Sana In Corpore Sano. It means "A sound mind in a sound body." So now you know... Latin has infiltrated the sports world, too!


Dido*: "meos tuosque amicos convoco. narra nobis malam fortunam Troiae."

Aeneas: "cum meo parvo filio et femina, Creusa, in oppido meo habitabam. vitam bonam Troianorum laudabamus. nuntii bellum nuntiabant: 'Graeci ad Asiam navigant.' Troiani bellum parabant et Graecos exspectabant. bellum in patriam meam portabant Graeci. Graecorum gladii multos Troianos vulnerabant. Troiani laborabamus: Graeci Troianos superabant. cum Graecis feris pugnabam et multos vulnerabam. O, malam fabulam narro! Graeci meum oppidum altum occupabant. 

*Dido is another name for Elissa, from our previous stories.

This story, again, uses several words introduced in the previous stories, as well as some new ones. Instead of using glossed words to help you, use the following helpful website:

I will post a translation of the story in the comments so you can check your work. Have a great week!!

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Elizabeth Wickland said...

Dido: "I am calling my friends and yours. Tell us the bad fortune of Troy."

Aeneas: "I was living in my town with my small son and wife, Creusa. We used to praise (or were praising) the good life of the Trojans. Messengers were announcing the war: 'The Greeks are sailing to Asia.' The Trojans were preparing for war and waiting for the Greeks. The Greeks were carrying war into my country. The swords of the Greeks were wounding many Trojans. We Trojans were working: the Greeks overcame the Trojans. I was fighting with the fierce Greeks and wounding many. O, I am telling a bad story! The Greeks were seizing my lofty (high) town!