Saturday, February 26, 2005

Flashcards - Latin Quotes

You can use these flashcards to quiz yourself over some of the quotes we have learned this year.

All Flashcards

To search for all flashcards made for Magistra Wickland's Latin classes, type wickland in the search bar on the FlashcardExchange website. It should bring up a list of flashcards available under that tag.

Ch 30 Flashcards - Verbs Only

Verbs only flashcards for chapter 30 can be found here.

Jenney's First Year Latin - Ch 24

Flashcards for Ch 24 vocabulary can be found here. We have a lot of verbs this week, so make sure you learn the principle parts carefully.

To use the flashcards, first click the box marked "study." You will see a flashcard screen with vocabulary on the right and "study controls" on the left. Click the study controls to maneuver through the flashcard set. Shortcut keys are listed, but they don't work consistently, at least not on my computer. You can use this site to quiz yourself on vocabulary, both Latin to English and vice versa. If you find an error on any of the flashcards, please let me know so I may correct it as soon as possible.

Magistra Wickland