Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Fun... Week Four!



This week's quote comes from the entryway of a house in Pompeii. The quote is:

cave canem

Can you guess what that means by this mosaic?

If you guessed "Beware of the Dog," you are right!! It was common for Romans to keep guard dogs on hand and to warn their visitors (and potential unwanted "guests") to watch out for the dog!


And now, we will continue our story from last week. Some of the words in this story are words from the last two stories. You may need to look back if you do not remember them. There are other words, however, that are at the bottom of the story to help you.

          regnum Elissae in Africa est. regnum est latum et oppidum est magnum altumque. feri Africani reginam non amant. bellum parant, sed reginae oppidum non occupant. 
          Aeneas cum amicis a Sicilia ad Africam navigat. Elissa Aenean amat et vocat: "meum regnum est tuum. Africani meum regnum non amant; in magno periculo sumus. Troianis meam patriam do."
          sed dei Troianos in Italiam vocant. Aeneas: "tuum regnum est magnum et bonum et pulchrum, et Africani sunt mali. te et tuum regnum laudo, et te amo. sed dei Troianos ad Italiam vocant."

Words to Help:
regnum - kingdom
latum - wide
altum - noble
ferus - wild
Sicilia - Sicily
malus - bad
laudo - I praise

As always, the translation key is in the comments below. Have a great week!

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Elizabeth Wickland said...

The kingdom of Elissa is in Africa. Her kingdom is wide and her town is great and noble. The wild Africans do not love the queen. They prepare for war, but they do not seize the town of the queen.

Aeneas sails with his friends from Sicily to Africa. Elissa loves Aeneas and calls: "My kingdom is yours. The Africans do not love my kingdom; we are in great danger and I give my country to the Trojans."

But the gods are calling the Trojans to Italy. Aeneas: "Your kingdom is great and good and beautiful, and the Africans are bad. I praise you and your kingdom, and I love you. But the gods are calling the Trojans to Italy."