Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Practice Translation 1

Lucius, legatus Caesaris, in villa agricolae amici sedebat et agricolae filiis fabulam de bello Gallico narrabat.

"Erat cum nostris copiis puer Gallus. In proelio ad milites aquam cibumque parvo carro portabat. Mortem non timebat. In castris cum militibus laborabat.

"Diu in finibus Aeduorum mansimus. Nostras copias Caesar in castris ad flumen Ararim tenebat. Cum Helvetiis pugnabat et hostes exspectabat.

"Hostes copias flumen navibus transportabant. In flumine non erat pons. Ubi de flumine puer aquam portabat, signa Helvetiorum vidit et nostros de periculo magna cum celeritate monuit. Helvetii castra nostra oppugnaverunt, sed parati eramus. Puerorum Caesar laudavit. Est hodie civis Romanus."

Sunday, May 29, 2005

It's Summer!!

Congratulations on finishing your finals! I hope that you will check into this blog every so often over the summer to keep your brains fresh and active. I will be posting translation pieces every couple weeks or so for you to practice on. It is not homework, but will be helpful in keeping some of the information you learned this year from slipping to the depths of the pit of forgetfulness over the summer. You will appreciate having practiced a little over the summer when we start back up in the fall, right where we left off this year.

If you have questions on any of the translations, feel free to post comments on the blog to ask them. I will try to check it frequently and answer them. You could also call me with questions.

Have a great summer!