Sunday, July 06, 2014

Summer Fun... Week Six!


The first video gives an overview for all of the noun cases in Latin. The students don't learn how to use all 5 cases until 7th grade, but this is a good introduction for students and overview for parents. The second video focuses in on the nominative and accusative cases, which students learn early on, so this is a good review.


You are, no doubt, very familiar with these two quotes, or at least with their abbreviations. We use them regularly, though you perhaps didn't know that the abbreviations stood for Latin. Can you figure out what they mean?

ante meridiem
post meridiem

These two are typically abbreviated am and pm and used with reference to time. Have you figured it out yet? ante meridiem means "before noon" and post meridiem means "after noon." That's why we use am to mean morning and pm to mean afternoon! Look carefully at the ending of meridiem. What case is it?


This week we continue our story of Aeneas and Elissa as he tells about the fall of Troy. As with previous weeks, there are probably words you will encounter in this story which you have not yet learned. I recommend using the following website to look up words you don't know:

Aeneas miseram fortunam Troianorum pulchrae reginae narrabat. 

Aeneas: "Graeci Troiam occupabant. nostros viros feminasque cum amicis ad oppidi portam convocabam. propter periculum sacra deorum ad portam portabamus et Anchisae dabamus. mei servi frumentum et aquam parabant. meis amicis servisque gladios dabam. Anchises deso invocabat: 'amabatis Troiam Troianosque. ubi estis? spectatisne nostra pericula? inter multa pericula laboramus. nonne amant dei nostram patriam?' "

The translation of the story is in the comments. Have a great week!

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Elizabeth Wickland said...

Aeneas was telling the unhappy fortune of the Trojans to the beautiful queen.

Aeneas: "The Greeks were seizing Troy. I was calling together our men and women with their friends at the town gate. Because of the danger, we were carrying the sacred things of the gods to the gate and were giving them to Anchises. My servants were preparing grain and water. I was giving my friends and servants swords. Anchises invoked the gods: 'You all used to love Troy and the Trojans. Where are you? Do you see our danger? We are working amidst many dangers. Don't the gods love our country?' "