Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Fun.... Week Nine

Guess what? I'm on VACATION!! That means you get a week of vacation, too! This week I have a few videos for you to watch, including two that have silly songs to help you remember imperfect endings and the present tense conjugation of amo. You can work on singing these silly songs all week, as they are sure to get stuck in your head! But first, a fable (derived from fabula, meaning story) from Aesop:

Now, for the silliness.... ;) Here is the verb amo in the present tense, conjugated by singing paintings.

That was the present tense, but you remember your imperfect tense endings, right? Just to make sure, let's review....

-bam (I was _________ing)
-bas (you were ________ing)
-bat (he, she, it was _______ing)
-bamus (we were ________ing)
-batis (you all were _______ing)
-bant (they were _________ing)

So.... how would you translate each of these words? (remember, amo means "I love".) Answers are after the video!!


Here's a little video to help you remember the imperfect tense endings! (It is even sillier than the last. **Magistra Wickland shakes her head at all the silliness**)

And now for the answers....

amabat = he, she, it was loving
amabamus = we were loving
amabant = they were loving
amabam = I was loving
amabatis = you all were loving
amabas = you were loving

Did you get all the answers correct?? I hope so! If not, you know what to review this week! Have a great one! (I should be back from vacation next week, but if there's no blog post, I'll be back the week after that!)

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