Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Answer to Translation 2

Coriolanus was a bad citizen, but a good soldier. The Romans had no grain and feared a great famine. The king of Sicily had already given much grain to the Romans, but Coriolanus was not giving grain to the poor. And so the poor people drove Coriolanus from the city.

Afterwards Coriolanus was the leader of the Volscians and fought with the Roman soldiers. He defeated the Romans in many battles. The Romans shouted, "Soon Coriolanus will seize Rome."

Then Coriolanus' mother and wife and sons and daughters hastened from the town. His mother prayed and begged Coriolanus: "My son, give safety to Rome." Coriolanus' reply was: "Mother, I will give safety to my city. You have saved Rome, but you will never see your son after this." Then Coriolanus hastened from the city with his soldiers.

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