Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Answer to Translation 1

Lucius, a lieutenant of Caesar, was sitting in a friendly farmer's farmhouse and telling the farmer's sons a story about the Gallic war. "There was a Gallic boy with our forces. He used to carry water and food to the soldiers in battle in a little cart. He was not afraid of death. He used to wor in camp with the soldiers. We stayed for a long time in the territory of the Aeduans. Caesar was keeping our troops in camp near the River Arar. He was fighting with the Helvetians, and he was waiting for the enemy. The enemy were bringing their forces across the river on ships. There was no bridge on the river. When the boy was carrying water from the river, he saw the standards of the Helvetians and warned our men of the danger with great speed. The Helvetians attacked our camp, but we were prepared. Caesar praised the boy. Today he is a Roman citizen."

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