Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Answer to Translation 3

There was a tree in a field; on it there were many apples. A boy saw the apples. At daybreak he climbed the tree, and was eating two apples from the tree. But a farmer, who had seen the boy, brought a large dog into field.

Then the boy was very frightened and filled the place with a great shout; but there was no help. The farmer approached and warned the boy in this way: "The apples are not yours. Why were you removing other people's apples from the tree? It was not right. You are a theif and the dog will bite theives. Why aren't you a good boy?" Then the boy shouts: "I will never again be a theif. Now lead your dog from the field."

The farmer laughed and led the dog away. The boy was left unharmed, and he no longer ate the apples. He remembered the good advice of the farmer, and never afterwards did he remove apples from his tree.

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